Respectable, respectful and respective?

Respectable = deserving respect.

  • He is a man of respectable appearance.
  • She comes from a highly respectable middle-class family.
  • She established herself as a respectable political leader.

Respectful = showing respect.

  • They stood at a respectful distance from the Governor.
  • A uniformed attendant gave us a respectful salute.
  • Above all, try to be respectful and considerate to old people.

Respective = relevant; corresponding; appropriate.

  • All are requested to go back to your own respective seats!
  • After the programme, the students went off to their respective rooms. (i.e., went to their own rooms.)
  • The representatives explained the situations of their respective countries.

Respectively = in the order mentioned.

  • In February and March, the profits of the company grew 20% and 25% respectively.
  • First, second and third place in the competition went to Rahul, Renz and Rozanne respectively.

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