Reward vs. Award

1) Reward = that which is offered or given in return for some service.

  • Work without the hope of reward.
  • The company rewarded him with a promotion.
  • I won’t recommend giving sweets to children as a reward for being good.
  • I find learning languages to be very rewarding.
  • He deserves a reward for his efforts

2) Reward = a sum of money offered to anyone who can give information about lost or stolen property or about someone who is wanted by the police.

  • The police have offered a reward of Rs. 10000/- for information leading to the arrest of the culprit.

Award = A prize or other mark of recognition given in honor of an achievement.

  • Mohanlal was given the state award for the best actor.
  • The Bank has declared the award for the best performer of the year.
  • The company receives an award that can be a great way to market its products by gaining the trust of the public.
  • He was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1908.
  • Sulaiman was given the PWD award for the best Road roller driver.

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