Shall – Modal expressions.

Shall – Modal expressions:

(1)  ‘ Shall ‘ is used with the second and third person to express a ‘ Command or Promise ‘.

  • He shall not enter my garden. (command)
  • You shall get a prize if you top the class.( i.e I promise that I will give you a prize)
  • Students shall not pick flowers from the garden.

(2)  ‘ Shall ‘ is used with the first person to ask the opinion , suggestion etc.

  • Shall I close the door?  (i.e Do you wish me to do that?)
  • What present shall I buy for you? ( i.e Which present are you expecting me to buy for you?)
  • Shall I call him in? ( i.e Do you want me to call him in?)
  • What shall we do now?
  • Shall we go?

(3)  ‘ Shall ‘ to indicate a decision or determination on the part of the speaker with regard to the actions of others.

  • There shall be no more wars.
  • The enemy shall not pass. (i.e we are determined not to let them)
  • Every member shall pay their annual subscription within the first month of the year.

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