Will – Modal expressions.

Will – Modal expressions.

(1)  Determinations.

  • I will punish him.
  • I will get a first-class in the next examination.

(2) A third person’s volition.

  • The old man will sit in the beach for hours together.
  • Some people will leave this door open.  They won’t close it properly.

(3) Assumption or probability.

  • This will be the boy who got the prize. ( I suppose…….)
  • ( The phone rings). That will be Rozanne, I expect.
  • The rain will come soon.

(4) We use I’ll ( = I will) when we decide to do something at the time of speaking.

  • A:  What would you like to drink?
  • B:  I will have an orange juice, please.
  • A : Did you phone him?
  • B : No, I forgot, I will phone him now.

(5) We often use ‘ I think I’ll ‘ and  ‘ I don’t think I’ll ‘

  • I feel a bit hungry.  I think I’ll have something to eat.
  • I don’t think I’ll go out tonight.  I am too tired.

(6) Offering to do something.

  • I think that you are short of money to purchase this expensive car.  I’ll help you with some money.

(7)  Agreeing to do something.

  • I’ll return the book as mentioned by you.

(8) Promising to do something.

  • Please lend me your umbrella. I’ll return it to you next Friday.

(9)  Asking somebody to do something.

  • Will you keep quiet, please?
  • Will you post this letter when you go to the office?

(10) You can use ‘won’t ‘ to say that somebody or something refuses to do something.

  • I have advised him not to do such foolish things but he won’t listen.
  • The car won’t start.  I wonder what is wrong with it.( i.e it doesn’t start)
  • Some people would leave this door open.  They wouldn’t close it properly. So now we keep it closed. (refers to the past situation)
  • The old man would sit there for hours together. ( refers to the past situation)

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