Thanks to – usage?

Thanks = expression of gratitude

  • kneel and give thanks to God.
  • A: Shall I help you with the luggage?
    B: No, thanks.
  • ‘No, thank you’ OR ‘No, thanks’ – used to decline an offer.
    (Note that here ‘No’ is essential)

Thank you is used for acceptance and may mean ‘yes, please‘.

  • A: Shall I lend you my umbrella?
    B: Oh, thank you.
  • Thank you for giving me a chance to explain the situation.

Thanks to = As a result of; owing to; due to.

  • The case went poorly thanks to the lawyer’s incompetence.
  • Thanks to the microwave oven, we always have a hot breakfast.
  • Thanks to the timely intervention of the fishermen, a major disaster was averted.
  • We were able to reach there in time thanks to your help.


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