Ultimate, Penultimate, Antepenultimate

Ultimate = (1) being or happening at the end of a process ; final ;last.

  • Their ultimate aim was to conquer the topmost position in the business.
  • The boss will make the ultimate decision who to employ.
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  • (2) the best available of its kind.
  • This restaurant is described as ” the ultimate in luxury”.
  • He is believed to be the ultimate painter of this century.

Penultimate = second from the last ; last but one in a series of things.

  • The penultimate chapter of the book.
  • It’s the penultimate episode of the serial.


Antepenultimate = third from the last.

  • The antepenultimate item on the agenda.
  • X is the antepenultimate letter of the English alphabet.

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