Comprehensive vs. Comprehensible

Comprehensive = complete and including everything that is necessary.

  • This is a comprehensive list of all the important aspects to be considered.
  • This book gives a comprehensive account of the functional aspects of English.
  • The government plans to introduce a comprehensive legislation to safeguard the interests of the migrant labourers.
  • The museum has a comprehensive collection of antiques relating to Tippu Sultan era.

Comprehensible = easy to understand , intelligible, able to grasp etc.

  • He explained all the technical details in a language comprehensible to the laymen.
  • The terms of the agreement are written in clear , comprehensible English.
  • The old legendary works of literature have to be translated in a style comprehensible to the new generation.
  • The philosophy behind the writings need not be comprehensible to the school children.

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