Awesome vs. Awful.

Awesome = amazing, wonderful, extremely impressive, inspiring awe, respect and admiration etc.

  • He has made an awesome achievement.
  • Mary looked awesome in her dress.
  • Science can show us the awesomeness of nature.
  • Nehru Park is a place of awesome beauty.
  • Her performance was awesome!
  • The street is awesomely quiet.

Awful = very unpleasant , horrible, terrible, nasty etc.

  • The backyard of his house smelled awful.
  • His handwriting is awful.
  • She has an awful behaviour.
  • The food they served was awesome but the place they selected and the ambience were awful.
  • It was an awful experience to talk to him.
  • You look awful in this dress , you should go and have a change.

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