Useful Idioms – part 16

Take pot luck = take whatever food happens to be in the cooking pot ; come to eat whatever happens to be served (without choice).

  • You are welcome to join us for supper but you’ii have to take pot luck.
  • Come home with me and take pot luck.

Be the luck of the draw = be the result of chance and something that you have no control over.

  • You cannot choose who you play against, it is just the luck of the draw.
  •  It was just the luck of the draw that we could work so well together.

Give oneself airs and graces = false way of behaving that are intended to make other people feel that you are important and belong to a high social class.

  • He was always giving himself airs and graces.
  • She has got no reason to give herself airs and graces.

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