Useful Idioms – part 20

In a word = briefly ; ( said when you are about to give your opinion in a short ,direct way).

  • In a word, she’s lying.
  • A:  Shouldn’t he be given the leading role?
  • B:  In a word – No.

Small/fine print = the rules , restrictions and conditions which are often written in very small letters and they are usually printed smaller than the rest of the text.

  • Don’t sign anything until you have read the small print.
  • Read the small print in your contract to find out exactly what you are insured for.
  • It is important to read the small print before parting with your money.

A tall order = a task, job ,request or favour which is not reasonable.  A tall order is hard to accomplish , and it might even be impossible.

  • Even for a bodybuilder , lifting 500 pounds is a tall order.
  • Building the bridge in time for Olympics will be a tall order.
  • To score four goals in one game is a tall order, even for him.

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