Useful Idioms – part 1

Out of this world = extremely enjoyable or impressive.

  • What a restaurant, the food was out of this world!
  • The performance was out of this world!
  • This bakery sells some out-of-this-world desserts.

Like gold dust = something very difficult to get because a lot of people want it.

  • Tickets for the concert are like gold dust.
  • You can’t get those new trainers anywhere. They’re like gold dust.

Leave a lot to be desired = be highly unsatisfactory.

  • Apparently, her cooking leaves a lot to be desired.
  • I’m sorry to have to fire you, Mary, but your work leaves a lot to desired.

The lesser of two evils = The less unpleasant of two choices, neither of which is good.

  • People voted for him as the lesser of two evils.
    (i.e here both the candidates are unsatisfactory with slight difference)
  • I was offered the post either as a typist or office clerk. Aptitude-wise both the jobs didn’t satisfy me, but I chose the post of a typist as the lesser two evils.

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