Brunch, Snack, High Tea

Brunch = late morning meal instead of breakfast and lunch, usually occurring around the hour of 11 a.m.
( i.e. the eater avoids breakfast and lunch, instead they combine breakfast and lunch which results in brunch)

Note:  History and etymology for brunch.  Breakfast + Lunch = BRUNCH.
(Etymology = Science of origin and history of words.)

  • They always have brunch together on Sundays.
  • Having a meal with friends at eleven o’ clock in the morning is an example of brunch.
  • He had earlier got drunk during a champagne brunch.


Snack = (noun) a small amount of food eaten between meals

  • Snack bar/counter.
  • They finished the snack in silence.
  • If there’s a cafe nearby, we could stop for a snack.
  • The school authorities give snacks to the LKG students during intervals.


Snack = (verb) have a snack

  • They snacked on tea and cake.

Note:- Unlike brunch, in the case of snacks we don’t avoid our regular meals.


High Tea = A meal eaten in the late afternoon or early evening typically consisting of a cooked dish, bread and butter, and tea.  A possible explanation why this type of meal is called HIGH TEA is the fact that it is eaten at a table.  In comparison, afternoon tea is taken seating in LOW, comfortable chairs or sofas.

  • My friend Ravi has asked us round to high tea on Wednesday.
  • The Secretary announced that we would be having only high tea around 7 p.m after the meeting and he added that an elaborate dinner would be arranged after the Annual General Meeting to be held after two months.

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