Effluent vs. Affluent

Effluent :- liquid waste or sewage discharged from factories, usually flown into rivers, lakes or the sea.

  • The ruthless and profit oriented factory owners usually let the effluents flow into rivers.
  • Industrial effluents and sewage remain a big problem for the local administrative bodies.
  • Exemplary punishments should be meted out if toxic effluents are allowed to be flown into water bodies.


Affluent :- wealthy, rich, well-off.

  • Affluent nations of the world offered financial assistance to Kerala to tide over the worst-ever flood crisis.
  • He is from an affluent family in Thodupuzha.
  • When I went through the affluent area of the city, I could see large houses and expensive cars.
  • The diet of the affluent has undergone changes subsequent to the high incidence of life-style diseases.

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