‘ENOUGH ‘ goes before nouns, but after adjectives and adverbs

‘ENOUGH’ goes before Nouns, but after Adjectives and Adverbs.

(1) Before Nouns

  • I haven’t enough money for a holiday.
  • He has enough savings to purchase a flat.
  • There are enough chairs for everyone to sit down.
  • Please cooperate, we don’t have enough seats to accommodate all.
  • You should have enough experience if you want to apply for the job.
  • I get enough support from my parents in my studies.

(2) After Adjectives and Adverbs.

  • She is not old enough to apply for the job.
  • He is strong enough to lift the table.
  • The student is intelligent enough to answer this question.
  • The bag is not big enough for all the provisions we have bought.
  • He is not qualified enough to fill the post of the accountant.
  • They are rich enough to send their son to the USA for higher studies.
  • The boy is not tall enough to touch the calendar hung on the wall.

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