Kind vs. kindly

Kind = (adjective) generous ,helpful and thinking about other people’s feelings/problems/difficulties etc.

  • A kind person/action.
  • She’s very kind to animals.
  • It was very kind of you to visit me.

Kindly = (adverb) 1.  in a kind way.

  • She spoke kindly to the old man.
  • They treated me kindly.

(2) – (esp.used to show annoyance) = please

  • Will you kindly put that book back?
  • (OR) Kindly put it back.
  • Would you kindly explain the matter a little more clearly.

(3) ;( adjective -formal) friendly, pleasantly or generous , especially to those who are younger, weaker or less important than oneself.; warm , kindhearted.

  • A kindly uncle/smile.
  • She was a kindly old lady.
  • He is a kindly old professor.

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