Obsequious vs Obsequies

Obsequious = (adjective) polite in an unpleasant and insincere way from the hope of reward or advantage ; servile

  • The obsequious servants competed among themselves to please the snobbish rich man.
  • The sweeper is embarrassingly obsequious to the manager.
  • They were served by obsequious waiters.

Obsequies = ( noun, pl) funeral ceremonies.

  • They were ostentatiously solemnizing the obsequies of the departed monarch.
  • A large congregation thronged to the Cathedral for the obsequies of the president.
  • The murder victim’s father was the chief mourner at the obsequies.

Note the difference in pronunciation, spelling and the stress of the two words.( stress means to pronounce a word with greater energy)

Obsequious (adj) stress comes at the second syllable.

Obsequies (noun) stress comes at the first syllable.


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