Sensitivity vs. Sensibility

Sensitivity = responsiveness, reactivity, the condition of being sensitive.

  • The eyes are sensitive to light.
  • Her skin is easily hurt because of its high sensitivity to the sunshine.
  • As an author he should not have so much of sensitivity to criticism.
  • When it comes to religious matters people in India tend to have more sensitivity.
  • Mammootty has the sensibility and sensitivity as to how to deal with his characters.


Sensibility = feelings, discernment;  the ability to decide what is good or valuable, especially in connection with artistic or social activities.

  • We Indians show respect for the sensibilities of others.
  • She is a woman of poetic sensibility.
  • The study of literature leads to the growth of intelligence and sensibility.
  • We have to be careful not to offend our readers’ sensibilities.
  • It is not sensible to spend so much on weddings. ( i.e not rational, reasonable ,or logical etc)
  • You can rely on his advice.  He is a sensible man.
  • That was a very sensible decision.

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